Limboriand Wounded

"There are times in which we can read in somebody else's eyes things we wish we could never read. If you are any sensible, you can predict these unsaid things . Deeper Gray is the daylight that does not shine. Another day is born, nobody cares about our defeats. Nobody is supposed to, anyway ...  Goth believe in magic I like victorian mourning , vintage clothing , movies and I love writing and receiving letters. I adore travelling rock festivals . I love dusty photographs and listening to people tell me their gloom stories . I like long walks love animals specifically cats and dark nights . I want to see the northern lights at least once in my lifetime. I long for the day I sit down and write a book of memories ; I come from earth , and I am very pleased to make your acquaintance . This is something I have kept for so long -> " Lost among the boundless stars and found between the cold blade and the burning lust for vengeance my bones no longer shall feel the grim coldness ! All looks bitterness even the daily bread "